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Description:   Product and automation tool independent test automation framework, which uses keyword-driven automation approach.

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Mandala Core MandalaCore is an PHP/PosgreSQL accounting system, originally it arose to to supply the needs of the Colombian accounting system users. It is covered under the GPL license.

Out of Order Core Simulator A tool for Computer Architecture students to deliver core concepts of Computer Architecture such as out-of-order execution, in-order commitment and the impact of cache misses and speculative load execution. LSQueueCacheROBReservation station

A C++ Implementation of DOM Core C++DOM is a C++ implementation of DOM Core. It is built it on top of expat (XML parser in C, by James Clark).

nemo-core Nemo is a newsgroup client for Mac OS X based upon Cocoa and Objective-C language. The purpose of this project is to create a full-featured simply and elegant application designed following the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. It will be integrated with

Core Game Engine Core is a general purpose game engine, that runs games written in the Lua scripting language.

Core Java Beans Core Java Beans provides functionality needed by most J2SE/J2EE applications that isn't yet provided by the JDK specification directly. This API is a foundation that fills the gaps between the JDK and any application. Jdbc & XML simple and improved.

Lan Core :: Thin Client Server and OS Lan Core is a free & open source software that lets you to build a thin client network on a Windows operating system. It was originally designed to work in a server or workstation with Windows XP Professional using the native remote desktop protocol. PXE ...

RDesktopWrapper .Net wrapper for MS Terminal Services control. Part of TAF Core distributed test automation framework (

Simple Modern Core System A simple Website Core System in PHP/MySQL for managing rewritten URLs, database content, search, atom feed and seo. Completely managed with rewritten URLs, no GET Params any moreDynamic sitemap.xmlDynamic Atom FeedSimple SearchOOP Class for use as core of your own system

Tiny Core Meta4s Part of the DistrOS Linux Multiboot System (, this project produces metadata for Tiny Core Linux ISO images but does not endorse nor recommend the use of Tiny Core Linux. We do however, recommend SliTaz (

TACAKISS TACAKISS is an application which analyses the logs of tac_plus (TACACS+ server by Cisco).It consists of a client and a server; the server parses and analyses the logs then providesarchived sessions and real-time monitoring to a client GUI.

TANGO - Object Oriented control system TANGO is an object oriented control system based on CORBA for Linux, Unix and Windows. It provides a framework in C++, Java and Python for implementing distributed control objects. TANGO has a full set of tools and hundreds of device servers.

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